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To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. —Oscar Wilde

Love yourself. Love the things that make you you.Your values and talents and memories.Your clothes, your nose, your woes1. If you love yourself, you can jump into your life from a springboard of self-confidence. If you love yourself, you can say what you want to say, go where you want to go. The world can be a tough place, and some of the billions of people out there will try to knock you down. Don’t join them. Do things that make you proud, then take pride in what you do. And in who you are.

Who are you anyway? What makes you you? How are you like your siblings2 and neighbors and friends? How are you different? If you were your own secret admirer, what would you most admire?

“My great mistake, the fault for which I can’t forgive myself,” Oscar Wilde wrote, “is that one day I ceased my obstinate3 pursuit of my own individuality.” Keep pursuing your individuality. Keep being yourself. Becoming yourself. It can be comforting to dress and act like everyone else. But it is grander to be different, to be unique, to be you. I’m the only me in the whole wide world.

There is always one true inner voice. Trust it. —Gloria Steinem

Sometimes it’s hard to know who you are and what you want and whom you like and why you like that person.The answers change because you’re changing. Growing. But deep inside, you are you.You were you as a baby, you were you as a kid, and you are you right now. “Let me listen to me and not to them,” wrote Gertrude Stein. It makes sense to consider the advice and opinions of other people. But don’t let their noise drown out your inner voice. And don’t let the way you sometimes talk or behave in front of others make you lose sight of who you are when you are alone, when you are most you.

“You can live a lifetime and, at the end of it, know more about other people than you know about yourself,” aviator4 Beryl Markham cautioned. Get acquainted with yourself. Tune5 in to the dreams you have by day and by night. Blend in when you choose to, but appreciate what sets you apart. “The more I like me, the less I want to pretend to be other people,” said Jamie Lee Curtis.

Anybody can be one of the crowd.


1 woes 887656d87afcd3df018215107a0daaab     
困境( woe的名詞復數 ); 悲傷; 我好苦哇; 某人就要倒霉
  • Thanks for listening to my woes. 謝謝您聽我訴說不幸的遭遇。
  • She has cried the blues about its financial woes. 對于經濟的困難她叫苦不迭。
2 siblings 709961e45d6808c7c9131573b3a8874b     
n.兄弟,姐妹( sibling的名詞復數 )
  • A triplet sleeps amongst its two siblings. 一個三胞胎睡在其兩個同胞之間。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
  • She has no way of tracking the donor or her half-siblings down. 她沒辦法找到那個捐精者或她的兄弟姐妹。 來自時文部分
3 obstinate m0dy6     
  • She's too obstinate to let anyone help her.她太倔強了,不會讓任何人幫她的。
  • The trader was obstinate in the negotiation.這個商人在談判中拗強固執。
4 aviator BPryq     
  • The young aviator bragged of his exploits in the sky.那名年輕的飛行員吹噓他在空中飛行的英勇事跡。
  • Hundreds of admirers besieged the famous aviator.數百名愛慕者圍困那個著名飛行員。
5 tune NmnwW     
  • He'd written a tune,and played it to us on the piano.他寫了一段曲子,并在鋼琴上彈給我們聽。
  • The boy beat out a tune on a tin can.那男孩在易拉罐上敲出一首曲子。
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